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Chile - Expo Shanghai 2010

Chile at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
© Kimon Berlin

Seen from above, the pavilion, in the shape of a crystal glass, undulates irregularly. The main body of the architecture is a steel construction inlaid with glass walls. A rectangular post-like structure pierces the crystal glass, with one side of the rectangular forming the entrance to the Chilean pavilion. Five exhibition spaces present the conception of the city of the people.

- Visitors will see the habits and customs of Chile by exploring two or three "excavated depths".

- In the giant egg in the centre of the pavilion, one can see a constantly changing seed, suggesting that the city's situation is changeable.

- The pavilion was built using a lot of U-shaped eco-resistant glass, a material that is transparent but not perceptible to the eye, heat and sound insulating.

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