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Colombia - Expo Shanghai 2010

Colombia at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
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On the outer wall of the pavilion, the "big tower" with decorations of different butterflies is covered in tropical style. The exhibition areas of "the Pacific Ocean Region", "the Caribbean Region", "the Antis Region", "the Orinoco River Region", "the Amazon Region" present, through multimedia videos, touch screens, modules..., the habits and customs, natural resources and urban development in Colombia in the past, present and future.

- The Pacific Ocean Region" exhibits modules of the sea, typical containers etc. The sound effect like waves takes you to the Pacific Ocean region,

- The Caribbean region" presents the beautiful Caribbean beach with the white sands and the model of the big castles at the seaside.

- The Antis region" presents the development of several large cities and the coffee growing region.

- Thatched houses" in the "Amazon region" show you the special forest landscape of the Amazon.

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