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Czech Republic - Expo Shanghai 2010

Czech Republic at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
© Eugene Regis
Architect(s) : Film Dekor

The white exterior walls of the pavilion are filled with "63,415 black rubber hockey pucks", the assembly of which forms a map of the city of Prague. The themed multimedia area presents original projects on solving the problems of traffic jams and environmental pollution in the Czech Republic. The other main area develops the theme "The city is the fruit of civilisation".

- At the entrance to the pavilion there is a spiral building in the shape of a ribbon. The wall and the inner floor are covered with the lawn, with a hanging TV screen broadcasting information about the pavilion.

- Outside the pavilion, an installation capable of simulating natural rainfall can conduct rainwater to the pavilion to show how to use rainfall in a circular way.

- The pavilion's intelligent robot arms can use metal materials to build a model city.

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