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Europe I - Expo Shanghai 2010

Europe I at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
© Li Yaoguang

The Cyprus pavilion, the Liechtenstein pavilion, the Malta pavilion and the San Marino pavilion each have their own presence in the Europe I collective pavilion.

Cyprus pavilion
A romantic style with a lot of charm, this is the summary of the cities of Cyprus. The interior is divided into several parts: "the past", "the present", "the centre", "the future" etc. Interactive installations, multimedia videos, photos and objects present the historical and cultural heritage of Cyprus - "an island of love", its modern cities and their future developments. A beautiful, balanced, modern Cyprus with cultural diversity is before your eyes.

- As soon as you enter the pavilion, a huge fresco of Aphrodite, glass floors with coloured flower leaves and documentaries projected on the wall appear. A strong impression of "Beauty" awaits you.

The three-dimensional projection of the film "House of Aphrodite" presents a miraculous journey from antiquity to the future.

Liechtenstein Pavilion

Precious archaeological objects, photos and documentaries tell how Liechtenstein has succeeded in promoting urban development, housing improvement and economic development, while respecting the natural environment, in an international context of urbanisation and environmental deterioration.
- The special stones at the entrance call Liechtenstein the "precious treasure of the Alps".

- 50,000 stamps form a classical painting of the beautiful landscape of the capital Vaduz.

- The exhibition wall with ten screens shows the landscape and the image of the cities in different lights.

Malta Pavilion

Intelligent lights and audio-visual systems connect one exhibition space to another. Mobile stands, various sculptures, huge ancient stones and the evolution of historical cities present, together with audiovisual techniques, the complex and particular character and development trend of the future.

- The audio-visual room with a circular screen and projectors takes you into the history of Malta, introducing you to the current resources and their dreams for a better urban life.

- An integration of interesting exhibition media, digital screens and melodies show a pleasant life and a harmonious society in Malta.

San Marino Pavilion

The style of the Pavilion is both classical and modern. The exhibition areas are "The Value Concept of Citizens", "The History of the Republic", "The State System" and "The Video Wall and the Earth" etc. The romantic porches, the statue of a woman of freedom, the flower lines, the multimedia, the virtual space present the charm of the ancient city of San Marino. Modern interaction techniques and enriching documents reveal the secret of San Marino's rapid economic development through high-tech industry and the stabilisation of the financial and banking system.
- In the centre of the exhibition room, a reproduction of the famous representative statue of the woman of freedom, installed in the middle of the San Marino Parliament Square, stands.

- In the virtual "tourist" area, you can walk around the capital on top of Mount Titano and feel the extraordinary atmosphere of the country.

- The most famous group of artists of San Marino will present traditional and cultural shows.

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