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Germany - Expo Shanghai 2010

Germany at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
© Eugene Regis
Architect(s) : Schmidhuber + Kaindl GmbH, Mila und Partner GmbH

The pavilion consists of natural landscape space and the main body of the pavilion. Surrounded by a layer of transparent, silvery and luminous construction film, the pavilion's main body is made up of four linked irregular geometric volumes that are nevertheless light and stable, thus interpreting the theme of "the harmonious city".

- On the ceiling of the "Source of Power" area hangs a large, coloured, responsive metal globe. The globe will move towards the visitors who shout louder, changing patterns and colours. When the globe stops, the surface of the globe changes, the earth appears, the seeds turn into flowers and give birth to life.

- Two virtual guides, the German boy Yansi and the girl Yanyan, present the exhibition activities.

©Official Guide - Expo 2010 Shanghai China