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Greece - Expo Shanghai 2010

Greece at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
© Kimon Berlin

The pavilion approaches the theme of the Shanghai Expo by using means that put people first. POLIS, the Greek city, is "a pleasant city to live in" and also "a city full of vitality". The design of the pavilion presents the urban structure not as a physical reproduction but as an interpretation of urban life and functions, and thus reminds us of the joy of living in the city. It presents not only the daily way of life in Greece, but also the insatiable thirst for life of the Greek women.

- The pavilion tries to condense 24 hours of Greek city life into the 12 hours of the pavilion. In fact, the Greek pavilion can be seen as a living organism, which follows a daily cycle, synchronised with the cycle of the sun in Shanghai during the Expo.

- The pavilion's rooms present the following ten themes: the arcade, the city and the sea, the market, ecology, urban-rural, theatre, living together, prosperity, promenade and port, the square (restaurant and shop).

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