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May 1, 2010 - October 31, 2010

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Iceland at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010

© Kimon Berlin

Architect(s) : Pall Hjaltason, +ARKITEKTAR, Arnbjorg Haflidadottir, Saga-Events

The pavilion adopts the design of the "Ice Cube" wrapped in a layer of printed material that shows the glacier landscape under the light. The facades of the building are covered with Icelandic volcanic rock. The theme of the pavilion is the strong links between Icelanders and nature, characterised by glaciers, as well as Icelandic intelligence in the use of non-polluting natural energy, both hydraulic and geothermal.

- The pavilion's internal temperatures are maintained between 21 C-22 C, with an ideal humidity level and the scent of flowers. Visitors can feel the freshness and calm of Iceland.

- Visitors will have the opportunity to drink the world's cleanest natural mineral water.

- Eight projection devices produce an all-round audiovisual effect; eight to ten minutes of video will show the beautiful landscape and city life of Iceland.

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