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Luxembourg - Expo Shanghai 2010

Luxembourg at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
© Kimon Berlin
Architect(s) : Hermann & Valentiny and Associates

Inspired by the phonetic transcription of the two Chinese characters (forest + castle) of "Luxembourg", the architect of the pavilion adopted the solution of sculpting on a single giant stone block. Structurally, the pavilion looks like a fortress encircling a medieval castle surrounded by an "open forest" of vines. Inside, visitors can experience the intelligence and innovation of the Luxembourg people through exhibition activities on the country's economy, culture and life.

- There is an attraction area designed for children in an open side building.

- Inside the central tower is a cultural area where Shanghai can communicate with Luxembourg via satellite video.

- Stamps on Shanghai issued by the Luxembourg Post Office can be purchased there, as well as commemorative euro coins with a Shanghai theme issued by the Luxembourg Central Bank especially to celebrate Expo 2010.

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