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Netherlands - Expo Shanghai 2010

Netherlands at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
© Eugene Regis
Architect(s) : John Kormeling

The pavilion has a 400-metre-long, figure-of-eight street extending upwards, with 20 mini-stands suspended over both sides of the street. The joyful street represents an ideal city and shows the rational planning of modern urban life and the country's innovation in space, energy and water projects.

- Visitors can take a walk in any direction along the spiral Happy Street.

- 50 orange sunshades can not only protect visitors from the sun and rain but also absorb and store energy which is transformed into electricity to light the pavilion.

- As the 20 mini-stands are without access, visitors can see the exhibition content through the glass cabinets.

- At the water purification station, visitors can watch the process of filtering water from the Huangpu River and drink a glass.

©Official Guide - Expo 2010 Shanghai China