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Norway - Expo Shanghai 2010

Norway at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
© Eugene Regis
Architect(s) : Helen & Hard

15 Norwegian pines of different sizes contribute to the shape of the pavilion, whose outer walls are decorated with Chinese bamboo, representing the harmonious cohabitation of city and nature and developing the theme "the gift of nature". The pavilion shows the typical natural landscapes of Northern Europe, the Norwegian way of life, the charms of the city, the idea of sustainable development and the healthy lifestyle of the country.

- The 15 large trees are powered by solar and rain energy, which represents the idea of environmental protection based on sustainable development.

- During the day and at night, the pavilion offers different landscapes, and at night in particular, visitors can experience the original charms of the aurora borealis in the centre of the pavilion.

- The pavilion's rooftop restaurant serves real salmon and local Akevitt.

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