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Poland - Expo Shanghai 2010

Poland at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
© Jens Schott Knudsen ( )
Architect(s) : WWA Architects

The pavilion has an abstract and irregular appearance. The outer surfaces of the pavilion are decorated with chiselled designs just like the popular paper cut-outs. Visitors can experience visual pleasures: the colour-changing light penetrates the paper cut-outs, producing a light-dark contrast in the pavilion. The wall serves as a screen and plays films reflecting Polish urban life. This construction, itself, is a fusion of Polish creativity and imagination about life, hence the theme "Poland smiling".

- In the pavilion's central square and concert hall, Chopin's works are performed in commemoration of the composer and pianist's bicentenary.

- The dance evenings are dedicated to young people every evening.

- The dragon dance performance in front of the pavilion is held every morning.

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