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Portugal - Expo Shanghai 2010

Portugal at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
© Kimon Berlin

A large amount of ecological cork is used for the walls of the facades and exhibition spaces. Four large "moments" divide the exhibition areas. The serial installations include: the catering area, wine tasting area etc. Through the doors and halls, the columns and galleries, the electric screens and the thematic exhibition space, the history, culture, economy and life of the citizens of Portugal are presented.

- The "first moment" exhibits "500 years, the encounter between Portugal and China".

- The "second moment" shows the short film entitled "Portugal, a place in the world".

- The "third moment" presents the theme "Portugal, a world of energy" to show the Portuguese efforts for sustainable development.

- The "fourth moment" installs a "Portugal today" square, with a café, wine tasting and souvenir shop.

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