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Romania - Expo Shanghai 2010

Romania at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
© Kimon Berlin

The pavilion is nicknamed the "green apple", whose inspiration comes from the apple, a kind of fruit loved by the inhabitants, which represents the idea of the green city, healthy living and sustainable development. The building consists of the main part in the shape of an apple and the part of the apple districts. The major contents of the exhibition are "Millennium retrospective", "Social and urban development driven by history and nature" and "Urban life close to nature". The stage at the top of the pavilion shows the manners of the people. The part of the apple districts presents the long history, the activities of the country's key cities and the appearance of the capital Bucharest.

- Visitors can get to know Romania's rapid development and modern civilisation through films.

- The "green apple" will change colour in the evening.

- The visitors can watch the performances on the open stage of the pavilion.

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