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Russia - Expo Shanghai 2010

Russia at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
© Kimon Berlin
Architect(s) : P.A.P.E.R architectural Team

The pavilion seems to take the form of both a flower and a "tree of life". 12 petals represent the towers. The chiselled designs on the top represent the decorative characters of all ethnic groups in Russia. At night, the platinum tower alternately becomes black, red, gold, symbol of Russian tradition. The "root" of the tower snakes up to the "Cube of Civilization" in the central square and forms the logo in the shape of "A" (man).

- The inspiration for the pavilion comes from the ideal city painted by the Russian writer Nosov, a city that is very ecological.

- In the central space on the ground floor, the designers have created flying balconies, mobile houses and artificial sun according to the children's imagination.

- The pavilion shows the inventions of scientists, inventors and engineers from different sectors.

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