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Serbia - Expo Shanghai 2010

Serbia at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
© Kimon Berlin
Architect(s) : Ana Kovencz, Vujic, Ksenija Bulatovic, Andreja Mitrovic, Milos Zivkovic, Daniel Perovic

The pavilion is based on the transformation of a traditional Serbian architecture, which gives a feeling of modernity and space. LEDs on the outside wall produce splendid lights that embellish the pavilion.

The main hall, the exhibition areas, and the entertainment areas are installed in the pavilion. The important elements based on "time" connect many interesting exhibits that show the past, present and future of cities, inviting visitors to imagine a better urban life to better enjoy "time".

- The "Time Machine" consists of moving wheels, allowing visitors to experience a fantastic journey through time.

- The Serbian face" and other artistic decorations show how the Serbs enjoy time in an urban environment.

- The European Garden" presents the urban history and natural environment of the whole of Europe.

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