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Spain - Expo Shanghai 2010

Spain at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
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Architect(s) : Benedetta Tagliabue

The pavilion is in the form of a liana basket, reconciling the taste of the antique with innovation. The steel frame supports the whole structure and the facades are decorated with liana. The sun shines in through the cracks in the liana. There are three exhibition spaces, entitled "Origin", "City" and "Children". Here, visitors will feel as if they are in the back streets of Spain and will be amazed at the brilliant history, wisdom and innovation of the Spanish people.

- The 8,524 liana boards on the pavilion's facades in various colours form numerous Chinese characters through calligraphic art to compose a Chinese poem.

- Spanish artists will sketch prestigious Flamenco steps.

- The restaurant in the pavilion for 300 people will offer real Spanish food.

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