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Ukraine - Expo Shanghai 2010

Ukraine at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
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The walls of the Pavilion have been decorated as the 8 trigrams, which come from the cultural signs of the Sanzhe tribe and are composed of three colours-red, black and white. The running whirlpool decorated with snakes signifies the fleeting hour and the change of seasons; the dogs represent a force to drive out the demon; the sun represents an inexhaustible motivating force. The Pavilion presents, around the theme, from the farm era to the era of contemporary cultural development, and urban architectures to the future.

- The Carpathian Forest Park is the largest forest park in Europe, also one of the seven natural wonders in Ukraine. Through this exhibition, the efforts contributed to the improvement of the urban ecological environment will be presented.

- Inside the pavilion, you can admire traditional shows, demonstrations of craftsmen, and even make multicoloured eggs or pottery yourself.

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