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United Kingdom - Expo Shanghai 2010

United Kingdom at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
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Architect(s) : Heatherwick Studio

Outside the exhibition space centre The Sacred Seed Room more than 60,000 palps are growing in all directions. During the day, the palps can illuminate the interior as light-transmitting optical fibres; in the evening, they can illuminate the entire construction with the help of light sources placed inside. Inside, a visit to several sections will encourage you to pay attention to the role of nature and to reflect on how to face the challenges facing the city.

- The 'Green City' reveals the urban landscapes of the four UK capital cities, where plants, water and urban architecture merge in harmony.

- The Sacred Seed Room displays all kinds of seeds from The Millennium Seed Bank, Kew, UK.

- The 'Dynamic City' displays living and imaginary plants to demonstrate the UK's creativity and cutting edge technology.

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