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Oil - Expo Shanghai 2010

Oil at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
© Kimon Berlin

The pavilion, as a large mesh pipeline system, means that underground oil is the main energy source for a beautiful city. Green products based on oil are used as building materials, to explore the vast applications of petrochemicals. The pre-exhibition area, the main area and the final exhibition area tell the story of the evolution of oil and its role in human history and urban development.

- The 4000m2 exterior wall is a large LED screen, which changes colour with the musical fountain.

- Multimedia means combining the peculiarities of the oil sector create virtual scenes, bringing the visitors closer to the oil.

- In the 4D cinema, visitors can travel through a hundred million years with the help of an 8-minute film to take a "journey through space" centred on the theme of oil.

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