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State Grid - Expo Shanghai 2010

State Grid at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
© 喫遊趣
Architect(s) : Atelier Brückner

The pavilion's configuration combines flowing light and imposing lines, with a transparent "Magic Box" crystal in the middle. The 12-mirror system in the form of a sunflower can illuminate the basement of the pavilion. In the pavilion, taking advantage of the wind direction in summer, a cooling S-shaped gallery can "catch the summer wind". During the day, the crystal in the middle of the pavilion is brilliant; at night, it is like the Milky Way. In the pavilion, in the square and in the pedestrian street, visitors can enjoy the wonderful scene like fireworks.

- In the "Magic Box", the huge exhibition on six sides offers us a completely new experience, "meeting" the natural energies! To "know" the new life in the future, to "merge" with the incredible energies and to "follow" the innovative practices.

- Through the transparent floor, you can see, from a short distance, the high-tech substation that will supply the Expo site and all the pavilions: the "Heart of Energy".

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