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Vanke - Expo Shanghai 2010

Vanke at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
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The pavilion, built of natural straw slabs, is composed of 7 independent buildings in the form of a golden wheat millstone, with over 1,000m2 of water around it. The pavilion is also called "2049", which refers to the 100-year anniversary of the new China and symbolizes the journey to the future with a huge possibility.

The exhibition presents the mutual respect between man, nature and cities through five stories of the white ant, water, sandstorm, rubbish and rhinopithecus.

- In the "Ant Farm Exploration Room", you can travel through an enlarged ant farm to learn about man's learning from nature.

- The "Tree of Life Hall" introduces us to the major ecological activity in China - transforming fields into forests.

- The "Mobius Band Hall" presents the daily activities of Taipei citizens to solve environmental problems.

- In the "Hall of Fallen Mountain Spirits", we can see the Yunnan rhinopithecus threatened by the disappearance of the living space.

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