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SAIC-GM - Expo Shanghai 2010

SAIC-GM at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
© Eugene Regis

The pavilion's configuration merges car design elements into a spiral column, showing us a brilliant perspective of the automotive industry. The exhibition presents an ideal traffic system in future cities: no exhaust fumes, no traffic accidents, no dependence on oil, no traffic jams, plenty of driving pleasure, etc.

- The theme film "2030, the move!" tells us an exciting story about the "move" taking place in Shanghai in 2030.

- Visitors can write to themselves or their friends, and put the letter in the "Space-Time Postbox". The recipient will receive the letter 20 years later.

- In the pavilion, there is a large curved screen with a visual angle of 144°, 488 dynamic seats without delay and newly designed cars.

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