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Broad - Expo Shanghai 2010

Broad at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
© Kimon Berlin

The pavilion is a white construction in the form of a pyramid, it consists of three main parts: an exemplary building, a triangular hall and a direct-fired outdoor station. The overall design of the pavilion focuses on themes such as low carbon, health, ecology, and science, establishes space and form through artistic devices, seeks global and simple vision, and forms a moving visual impact of the Broad pavilion.

- The exemplary building is established only in one day, it is a very special exhibited article of the present Expo.

- Inside the corner space, a huge simulated earth floats in the air, faithfully presenting the changing global climate. The nine individually special square picture boxes show nine different ecological themes and pictures.

- In the middle of the outer square, a direct combustion station of the integrated type is placed, the station is partially machined in a special way to demonstrate the inner workings of the station.

©Official Guide - Expo 2010 Shanghai China