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Urban Best Practice Area - Expo Shanghai 2010

Urban Best Practice Area at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
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This area, which focuses on innovative and valuable real-life practices and objects designed to improve the quality of urban life carried out by representative cities of the world, serves as a platform for the exchange of experiences in urban construction.

The Expo Organiser has set up the International Committee for the Selection of Best Urban Practices to evaluate and select, from more than 100 examples from around the world, cases of practices worthy of presentation and generalisation in the areas of liveability, sustainable urbanisation, protection of historical heritage and environmental technological innovation, which will be presented in the Expo 2010 Best Urban Practices Area. The area is divided into three parts in the north, middle and south. The construction cases in the streets of simulated cities in the north are presented by 1:1 life-size models, allowing visitors to appreciate in advance the ideal way of life in the future cities.

The cases of the pavilions in the middle will be presented in former factories, in order to exchange experiences of urban construction with the visitors. The cases in the southern part will be presented in the conference room by means of multiple media: report, seminar, multimedia, Internet, panels, activities and performances, etc.

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