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Thematic Pavilions - Expo Shanghai 2010

Thematic Pavilions at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010

Expo 2010 includes five thematic pavilions: Urban Pavilion, Urban Being Pavilion, Urban Planet Pavilion, Trace Pavilion and Future Pavilion.

The first three are located in the thematic pavilion complex in Zone B in Pudong. This complex is one of the most important landmarks of Expo 2010. Its appearance is inspired by "origami" and forms a three-dimensional structure; its roof imitates the "skylight" of the Shikumen, a traditional Shanghainese architecture with an open front and sloping back. Within this complex, the Urban Pavilion is located in the East Exhibition Hall, while the Urban Being Pavilion and the Urban Planet Pavilion share the northern and southern halves of the West Exhibition Hall respectively. In the southern, northern and underground squares of the thematic pavilions, various activities, celebrations and ceremonies will be held throughout Expo 2010.

The last two pavilions are located in Zones D and E respectively in Puxi. Built on former industrial buildings, these two pavilions create new spaces where modernity and tradition are combined.

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