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"Urbanian" pavilion - Expo Shanghai 2010

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Located in Zone B, this pavilion tells the "story of man" in the city, focusing on the needs and development of human beings. Six different families from six cities on five continents will be filmed and their stories told in five thematic exhibition rooms: "Family", "Work", "Social life", "Education" and "Health". Through the use of real objects, sets and multimedia special effects, the landscapes of eleven cities will be presented and will allow visitors to experience the needs of urban populations from the inside and to realise that "if people stay in cities, it is to enjoy a better life".

- The ceiling and floor of the family room are covered with mirrors that transform the life scenes of these six family lives into a three-dimensional diorama. Visitors will have the impression of observing these families through the window of a building.

- In the "Work" room, a large machine symbolising "the factory, the stock exchange and the clock" will be installed. Different sized screens on this machine will show scenes of the work of city dwellers in different cities.

- The "Social Life" room will use a dome screen and a 360° panoramic projection to illustrate the social networks of family members.

- The "Study" room, furnished with exhibits and projections, will recreate a classroom and library atmosphere to illustrate scenes of study within families as well as the education and culture that is provided by the city.

- The "Health" room seeks to build a fresh, healthy and pure atmosphere by displaying videos and data on the health of family members.

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