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"Future" pavilion - Expo Shanghai 2010

© Kimon Berlin

The indoor exhibition of this pavilion in Zone E begins with an interaction inviting visitors to imagine the city of the future; then films, books and sculptures illustrate the ideal vision of futuristic cities carried by people throughout history, who build on current challenges and imagine various futures. The exhibition also sheds light on the eternal spiritual elements that contribute to the progress of humanity.

- In the "Dreams of the Past" area, a giant screen about five metres high shows science fiction films that tell the dreams of the future.

- In the "Ideals and Practices" zone, an interactive virtual book presents historical descriptions of futuristic cities; nine sculptures represent the best urban practices and cities under construction.

- The "Multiple Possibilities" zone is set up on a 36-metre high space to show a cartoon. Around this area, the imaginary streets of the cities of the future ("the ecological city", "the intelligent city", "the water city", "the space city" and "the energy city") will be presented, reflecting the various possibilities of the future development of cities and the urban life of people.

- The area entitled "the future is approaching", combining multimedia presentations and models, shows the trend of future technology development through four themes: "the smart home, the healthy community, the low carbon city, the harmonious environment".

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