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China - Expo Shanghai 2010

China at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
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Architect(s) : He Jingtang, Zhang Li, Ni Yang

The exterior of the pavilion takes its theme "Prosperous China, Treasure of the East, Breadbasket of the World, Enriched People", which expresses the spirit and quality of Chinese culture.

The guiding line is "the quest" which leads visitors to 3 different areas: "Traces of the East", "Research Journey" and "Low Carbon Future", which allow to discover the wisdom of Chinese culture. The pavilion takes visitors on a journey into a contemporary world and allows them to reflect on the past 30 years of urban development by highlighting successes and tracing back to tradition in urbanization. The exhibition then guides visitors to the future, realizing the Chinese cultural value and future of urban development.

Space 1, entitled "Traces of the East", exhibits various objects with a focus on the wisdom of urban development. A multimedia film shows China's experiences in urbanization in the past 30 years of reform and opening up to the outside world, the constructions and hopes of the Chinese people for the future. A famous painting, "Spring Festival by the River", presents the ingenuity of a classical Chinese city.

Space 2, entitled "Research Journey", allows visitors to discover China's urbanization and have a very moving, fun experience.

Space 3, entitled "Low-carbon Future", focuses on the development of Chinese cities in the future centered on "low-carbon", introduces the "modern search for natural style" by the Chinese to face the challenges of future urbanization, and gives "a Chinese-style answer" to the realization of global sustainable development.

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