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Croatia - Expo Shanghai 2010

Croatia at the Exhibition Expo Shanghai 2010
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The pavilion's appearance is white and red, with the distinctive Croatian red as the main colour, and small red and white flags are set into the metal frame of the façade, fluttering in the wind. Ten projectors are installed on the walls of two sides of the pavilion, emitting image documents (small coins and photos etc.) concerning the everyday life of Croatians through multimedia presenting the singular charm of local towns. The various ways of life in Croatia - a coastal country, the vigorous development of cities, differences and communities between inland and coastal areas, between old and new cities - are represented.

- Visitors can listen to real city sounds and music to feel Croatia.

- As Croatia is the place of origin of necktie, there is a souvenir shop in the pavilion selling special items (necktie and pilgrimage etc.)

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