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"Urban Being" pavilion - Expo Shanghai 2010

© Wojtek Gurak

This pavilion, located in Zone B, focuses on "life" and summarises the "journey of urban life". Advanced techniques will be used to evoke the city as an organic system with its own life and soul. The sustainability of the city depends on a good metabolism and a spiritual force. The permanent adjustments between man and the city help to maintain the harmony of the inhabitants of the city. The vitality of the city needs the care and protection of the whole of humanity.

- The "Station of Dynamism" consists of five "sales booths" that represent different aspects of the city: population, logistics, energy, finance and information. The LED panels of this "station" will show real-time transport schedules, stock market and currency exchange of major cities around the world, allowing visitors to feel the extraordinary dynamism of cities.

- Large "traffic pipes" invite visitors to take an underground walk, animated by periodic special effects imitating the passage of the metro. Many of the installations in this area can interact with visitors to show the weaknesses of the city and inspire reflection on its "protection".

- The magnificent "Urban Square" attempts to probe the foundations of city cultures and expose their essence through five films presenting five major world-famous cities.

- The "Library of Souls", located in the "Street of Life", uses ten books to show the relationship between the vicissitudes of the ten cities and the lives of their inhabitants.

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