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Maritime Civilisation - Expo Yeosu 2012

Maritime Civilisation at the Exhibition Expo Yeosu 2012
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Under the theme "Challenges and Achievements of the Sea-Driven Humanity; Silk Road; a route of exchanges and challenges", the pavilion presents the life, history and culture of the inhabitants of the coastal areas, focusing on the different legends, myths and religions that the ocean has inspired.

The sea has always inspired respect and fear, and represents an unknown world full of mysteries.
Since ancient times, there has never been a time when man has not explored the depths of the ocean to solve its mysteries and challenge it.

A replica of a shipwrecked "Dhow", 22m long and 8m wide, is a symbol of the spirit of challenge, its history evolving along with man's.

Thanks to these ancient ships, visitors can understand the birth of maritime civilisation and imagine the exchanges between civilisations.

Another exhibition aims to show the birth of ancient marine civilisations by presenting an outrigger canoe which is a symbol of wisdom and pioneering spirit for the Polynesians.

Multimedia shows present the history of the development of maritime civilisation and the Mediterranean, Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.