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Aquarium - Marine Life - Expo Yeosu 2012

Aquarium - Marine Life at the Exhibition Expo Yeosu 2012
© Jung jingho

The Marine Life Aquarium is one of the four major pavilions at the Yeosu Expo.

With an area of two football fields, the building uses outdoor light for interior illumination and was designed and built with eco-design in mind.

The aquarium, the largest in Korea, contains 6030 m3 of water and 34,000 marine animals, including 281 different species and several rare species such as the Baikal seal and the Russian beluga.

From seals to Arctic whales to piranhas from the Amazon jungle, the aquarium brings various forms of marine life before the eyes of visitors and aims to raise awareness of ocean values such as biodiversity, marine ecosystems and marine life all under the theme "The origin of the mysteries of life, the ocean and the coasts".
The aquarium also presents an exhibition divided into two themes "The mudflat ecosystem" and "The marine ecosystem".

- The mudflat ecosystem: The mudflat ecosystem is presented to highlight its characteristics which are classified into five categories according to their scientific aspects.

- The marine ecosystem: The exhibition presents the oceans at different depths in different parts of the world to show the diversity and beauty of marine life.

The aquarium also consists of a 360-degree "aquadome", which is a large water tank containing 20,000 sardines, in which visitors can have a panoramic view by walking through a corridor formed by a glass tube.

The aquarium also has a 3D theatre, equipped with 41 separately operated seats, and presents a 3D animation.
The animation lasts about 5 minutes. The aquarium is free, but the 3D theatre costs 5,500 Korean won for adults and 4,500 won for people under 18.