Digital Gallery - Expo Yeosu 2012

Digital Gallery at the Exhibition Expo Yeosu 2012
© Kiyong Ahn

The Expo Digital Gallery (EDG) is one of the special installations where electronic art is omnipresent and incorporates the latest technology.

The gallery is located on the 415m long and 40m wide main avenue that connects Yeosu train station to the theme pavilion.

The 225m long and 40m wide Expo Digital Gallery has a large LED screen (217.6m long and 30.72m wide) on its ceiling.

This screen introduces visitors to marine culture and even creates the illusion that they are floating in the ocean.

Visitors can send text messages via their mobile phones which "feed" the Media Whale, the more messages this huge whale receives the more often it appears on the screen and entertains passers-by.

This giant screen also broadcasts promotional videos, short films and cultural events.

After Expo, this space will be used as an avenue for media arts, a setting for advertisements and a shopping street. This avenue will be a tourist resource for the development of the South Korean coast.