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Samsung - Expo Yeosu 2012

Samsung at the Exhibition Expo Yeosu 2012
© Samsung

Samsung is taking part in the three-month celebration with its own pavilion, built under the theme of "Living Creatively, Imagining Together."

Covering an area of nearly 2,700 square metres, the three-storey building symbolises a ship on a voyage into the future in search of answers to overcome the many challenges we face on earth. Samsung Electronics, affiliated shipbuilder "Samsung Heavy Industries", and battery manufacturer "Samsung SDI" took part in the realisation of the pavilion.

The key message delivered in this exhibition is that every member of society, including individuals, companies and countries must work together to overcome the future challenges posed by environmental pollution and to use the untapped possibilities presented by the ocean for key solutions so that humanity can coexist with nature.

To illustrate this message, a performance tells the story of a young girl's quest for light, wind and water to save a flower. The girl represents humanity and the flower represents life, while light, wind and water symbolise the basic elements of nature.

The 15-minute show with its spectacular choreography and enchanting images is held daily 15 times a day at the Samsung pavilion, which also showcases the various efforts undertaken by Samsung Electronics, Samsung Heavy Industries and Samsung SDI to save the environment.