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SK Telecom - Expo Yeosu 2012

SK Telecom at the Exhibition Expo Yeosu 2012
© SK Telecom

SK Telecom has built a corporate pavilion that showcases information and communication technology with a humanistic flair at Yeosu Expo 2012.

Under the theme of "We_Cloud" and on behalf of SK Group, SK Telecom is operating a special pavilion at Yeosu Expo 2012. We_Cloud, symbolizing a world where human beings, technology, and the world become happy together through the triptych of participation-communication-sympathy, represents SKT's vision and the future of information technology.

The 3 floors of the pavilion present cutting-edge showcases of information and communication technologies (first floor), media art made with emotional technology (second floor), and tetrahedral mega-theatre (third floor) which shows a video sequence "Beautiful Country" delivering harmonious and touching messages to thousands of people.

The SKT pavilion is differentiated by its variety of exhibits and content that attract visitors with direct participation, communication and empathy. Visitors can discover not only cutting-edge information and communication technology related to health, education, and the automobile, but also media art created with information and communication technology and films created with smartphones. In particular, visitors can make applications themselves and store their media art essays in their own mobile phones.

The first floor showcases SKT's cutting-edge solutions related to various daily activities such as smart-health which provides medical services through mobile phones, smart-car connecting their smartphones with automobiles, smart-learning which allows customers to study regardless of their location with their tablet PCs, and smart-commerce which allows anyone to easily make applications and run a one-man business. Mainly, an intelligent robot, which was exhibited at the Mobile World Congress 2012 held in Spain in February is expected to attract great attention from visitors.

The art gallery on the second floor shows "Randomwalks work Data Alive" which visualizes the communication traffic of SKT and the work of artist Han Gye-ryoon which describes the "Time Capsule" with which visitors can leave voice messages to their relatives and friends, and these messages will be sent to them one year later. Visitors can enjoy high-level art integrating SKT's cutting-edge technology with art.

In particular, the work of Yi Yi-nam who has revived classical paintings as living paintings can be downloaded to visitors' smartphones from the classical paintings identified by a QR code. Choi Jong-Hee's work symbolizes the tunnel "Yeosu Marae" which was built by Korean workers with only iron hammers and chisels during the Japanese colonization of Korea. This work should greatly touch the emotions of visitors.

Meanwhile, visitors who want to enjoy the most beautiful view of Yeosu can enjoy the panoramic view of the Yeosu Sea, lying in a hammock or on the lawn in a rest area on the second floor.

The third floor has a "smartphone cinema" that shows emotional and hot movies created by SK Group executives and staff members with their smartphones, and a mega tetrahedral theatre that displays "Beautiful Country" created by director Lee Jun-Ik and digital artists Yoon Ji-hyun, Ryoo Han-gil, Jung Doo-Seop, and Kim Tae-yoon. In particular, the three sons of Shin Joong-hyun, who is the original composer of the song, perform the song with Park Jung-hyun, a heroine of the TV series "I am a singer".

Meanwhile, SKT has designated Yeosu City as a test area for LTE, including Yeosu Expo, and is offering the world's best LTE services via their LTE networks. Because it is expected that nearly 10 million visitors will visit Yeosu Expo, SKT intends to promote Korea's quality communication infrastructure to the world by offering the best communication services in the world through the construction of perfect network systems such as building public Wi-Fi, focusing investment on 3G networks and securing its capacity, and dispatching the mobile base station to avoid traffic congestion.