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LG - Expo Yeosu 2012

LG at the Exhibition Expo Yeosu 2012
© LG Group

The pavilion is four stories high and covers 3724 square meters, with the theme "Life is Green".

The pavilion provides visitors with a better understanding of LG's future activities, while showcasing current products. "Water" is the strong word of the LG pavilion, symbolising the company's initiatives in the field of sustainable development.

The LG pavilion was built with energy-saving materials and methods, and is environmentally friendly because it is made of reusable and recyclable materials.

The building showcases various types of green technologies and thus demonstrates the viability and urgency of energy conservation measures.

For example, during the day, water runs down the front of the building and helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside, and at night, this water creates a giant 32.6 by 4.2 metre screen onto which videos of marine life are projected.

The pavilion is powered by photovoltaic panels and uses the latest water treatment technology as part of its water-saving strategy.

It also has a roof garden where visitors can take a break and relax.

The pavilion consists of a total of 5 exhibition areas.

Exhibition area 1-3 describes LG's achievements up to 2050, displaying eco-technologies that are friendly to people and the environment, and projecting images onto a moving sculpture. The sculpture is a giant "media chandelier" consisting of 54 x 47-inch LED TV screens, all rotating and changing position in a multimedia show called "media kinetics". This kinetic art illustrates the theme "Save the Planet".

Exhibition space 4 presents a 3D show on the theme of solar energy.

Exhibition space 5 presents interactive multimedia content hidden in nature, bringing joy and relaxation to visitors.