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GS Caltex Energy Field - Expo Yeosu 2012

GS Caltex Energy Field at the Exhibition Expo Yeosu 2012
© KE4
Architect(s) : Atelier Brückner

The pavilion showcases GS's vision of the future and its efforts to create a world where nature and humanity can co-exist.

The GS Caltex Pavilion, by design, resembles a star surrounded by the swaying of giant blades of grass called "Blades".

It is surrounded by 380 "blades", 18 metres high, which sway in the wind, and contain LED technology that allows them to change colour when touched.

The concept was born out of the observation of Korea's rice fields, these imposing structures light up at night and offer a "walk" through alternative energy sources of the future.

Visitors walk through this energy "field" and feel the dynamism of nature.

The generation of energy from solar panels is presented inside the pavilion, with a video clip that emphasises the importance of continuous energy flow.

Photovoltaic panels on the roof of the building generate energy, some of which will be used as the pavilion's power source, and serves to emphasise that GS Caltex is a company that produces energy rather than consumes it.

Various exhibits are housed in the central part of the building, where visitors can learn more about solar energy and 3D mapping, a 3D imaging technology that does not require the use of 3D glasses.