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Posco - Expo Yeosu 2012

Posco at the Exhibition Expo Yeosu 2012
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The 3-storey high POSCO Pavilion resembles a large nautilus, whose outer shape gives the appearance of a person's ear open to the ocean and brings together the participants.

The exhibition space, which offers a journey experience through a large nautilus, consists of 5 themes: love, challenge, world, environment and oceans, with differentiated productions for each area offering abundant experiences for visitors.

Visitors are amazed and fascinated by the PBC-EV (POSCO Body Concept-Electric Vehicle) as well as by a smart chair installed in the environment zone, while the ocean zone resembles an aquarium and receives a lot of attention from the public. Children will particularly enjoy the world zone where they can play games on touch screens.

The multimedia show in the large auditorium leaves most visitors in awe. In line with the option "More knowledge more intimacy" the campaign is based on the theme of understanding and communication between generations and classes, the multi-media show is intended to serve as a place of communication to get closer to people all over the world.

The POSCO Pavilion wants to show visitors from Korea and abroad that POSCO communicates with nature and people.