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Media room - Expo Yeosu 2012

Media room at the Exhibition Expo Yeosu 2012
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This room focuses on the means and capabilities of the Korean ocean, which could contribute to the prosperity of people around the world. Behind this is Korea's desire to be a major global player in this new ocean era.

This hall has the world's largest dome-shaped screen (30m wide and 7.5m high), surrounded by a 360-degree screen, and is equipped with a 17.1-channel high-definition sound system, which gives visitors the illusion that they are actually experiencing the experience.

The pavilion's main video is projected onto the dome and the 360° screen, allowing visitors to sit or lie on the floor and enjoy the film in a comfortable position.

One of the films shows the miraculous power of the desert to turn sea water into fresh water, while the second illustrates the strength of the maritime industry in South Korea and its influence in the Pacific region.