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Wallpaper - Expo Brussels 1935

Wallpaper at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1935
© Delacre & Martin
Architect(s) : Henri Lacoste

The Pavillon de la Collectivité des Papiers Peints, also the work of the architect Lacoste, was shaped like a half-hexagon, finished at each end by two corner pavilions.

It was covered with blue-green glazed bricks. A covered gallery ran the length of the pavilion. The yellow building, the golden columns, the blue roof and all the dark brown exterior woodwork made for a most pleasing presentation.

The gallery gave access to all the decorative ensembles created by the wallpaper manufacturers. These represented small interiors which were illuminated by the projecting bretches on the façade towards the park. Unusual designs and rare colours attracted attention. The evolution of style in decoration, the infinite range of shades, the remarkable improvements in the industrial field in terms of quality and dyes were synthesised in the most successful way.

© Le Livre d'Or de l'Exposition Universelle de Bruxelles 1935