Chapel of Religious Arts - Expo Brussels 1935

Chapel of Religious Arts at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1935
© E. Sergysels
Architect(s) : Marcel Schmitz

Located opposite the Astrid entrance, it was the work of Mr. Marcel Schmitz. Of a cheerful and collected appearance, it was illuminated by stained glass windows representing the patron saints of the members of the Belgian dynasty (Saint Leopold, Saint Albert, Saint Elisabeth, Saint Baudouin, etc.). The following artists collaborated in the creation of these windows: Strebelle, Counhaye, Van Vlasselaer, Van Nerom, Yoors, Crépin and Baltus. Numerous statues, the work of Messrs Ern. Wynants, Oscar Jespers and Oscar Declercq.

The art workshop of Maredsous, under the direction of Dom Sébastien Braun, made the embroidery, missals, silverware, etc.
The altar and the choir were the work of the "Latin Cross of Leuven", directed by Dom Martin, from the abbey of Mont César. The frescoes in the sacristy were the work of Miss Irène Vander-linden, Mr Laforêt and Mr Ch. Counhaye.

© Le Livre d'Or de l'Exposition Universelle de Bruxelles 1935