Packaging and Display Community - Expo Brussels 1935

Packaging and Display Community at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1935
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Opposite the Horticulture and Agriculture Section, the Packaging Collective occupied a vast pavilion with a frontage of 40 metres. The main companies working in this industrial field had brought together barrels, special tarred and reinforced paper, ropes of all kinds, etc.

On the outside wall, beautiful frescoes showed the diversity of ways of packing, wrapping and transporting packages.

We have reproduced two examples of these paintings, which are the work of the painters Serneels and Remy. As for the objects exhibited, they were all the more interesting because the public does not generally realise the importance and diversity of the packaging industry. There is no trade that does not depend on it in some way. Much progress has been made in this field: it concerns ease, speed, hygienic packaging, solidity and safety required for handling and long-distance transport. What ingenuity, what discoveries, what inventions where the practical sense and the spirit of adaptation of modern technicians compete.

On the other hand, this Pavilion gave a place to the art of setting up, to the shopkeeper, who has become the precious collaborator of the retailer. In this respect, Belgium has a good reputation. Foreigners are pleasantly surprised, when they pass through our cities, even in the provinces, by the sumptuousness, the attractiveness, the authentic art of the displays. Whether it is a question of food shops, clothing shops, pastry shops, delicatessens, tobacco shops, cigar shops, or cigarette shops in particular, our shopkeepers show a perfect understanding of the customer's psychology and create sets of often remarkable taste.

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