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Portugal - Expo Brussels 1935

Portugal at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1935

Portugal was represented at the Exhibition by the "Casa de Portugal" of Antwerp, presided over by Dr. Aristide de Sousa-Mendès, with the collaboration of various Portuguese state bodies: the Propaganda Society of the Sun Coast, the Port Wine Institute, the Benguela Railway Company, the General Agency of the Colonies, the Angola Diamond Company, the Geographical Society of Lisbon, the Secretariat of Colonial Propaganda, etc.

The Pavilion, designed by architect David Lopes, was set against the International Hall, facing Charlotte Avenue. It was decorated with beautiful frescos by the painter Alberto Cardoso. The Portuguese representation was divided into four sections: colonial, political, commercial and tourist. The management of the Section was entrusted to Mr. Victor Falcaô, journalist, vice-president of the Association of the Foreign Press in Belgium.

The "Casa de Portugal" housed a complete overview of the activities of the friendly nation. At the entrance, the reproduction of the ship of the explorer Vasco da Gama gave the Portuguese participation its true meaning. On the wall, large frescoes represented the picturesque aspects of the country, evoking glorious episodes of its colonial expansion. The natural and monumental beauties were also depicted in the most attractive way.

Alongside wines, cork and preserves, samples of the various products of Angola and Mozambique showed the importance of colonial production. Art objects and indigenous fetishes added to the character of the presentation. The diamond industry stand contained reproductions of the world's most important historical diamonds.

But the interest of the Casa de Portugal lay mainly in the compartment of the Geographical Society of Lisbon. There were copies of art editions dedicated to the discoveries Portugal is proud of; antique maps, weapons that belonged to explorers and indigenous chiefs. There was also an authentic letter addressed on 10 October 1900 by President Krueger to the Governor General of Mozambique, thanking him for his hospitality.

As can be seen, a visit to the Portuguese Section was full of lessons and various attractions.

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