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Hall International - Expo Brussels 1935

Hall International at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1935
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The large building with its straight lines and bare walls stood in the middle of the Dahlia Garden, near the Oriental pavilions and the Children's Garden, on part of the site originally chosen by Germany. The Executive Committee opened it to exhibitors from countries not officially represented, or who had not been able to find space in their national sections, which had become too small due to the influx of participants. The interior was decorated with the flags of thirty nations; in addition to the various participating nations, the United States, Germany, Yugoslavia, Japan and Spain were represented here with a variety of products; machines of all kinds; printing presses; German beers; oriental perfumes; Spanish embroidery and jewellery; Yugoslavian fabrics, earthenware, jewels made of admirable butterflies under thin crystal; Turkish and Persian carpets; objects for domestic use...

The highlight of this picturesque ensemble was a Japanese street, beautifully decorated, illuminated with lanterns that lit up in the evening. One of the stands contained a collection of carved ivories, of great rarity and inestimable value. There were unique pieces, carved from a single elephant tusk and polychromed - an indication of their antiquity. Others followed the contours of a stone or a fragment of wood, whose shape had inspired the artist. This collection had been formed by its owner, Mr. Misraï, during several stays in China and Japan.

Numerous parties were organised around the International Hall, whose exhibitors, belonging to many different countries and cults, maintained the most cordial relations throughout the existence of the World's Fair.

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