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Dechenne Agency - Expo Brussels 1935

Dechenne Agency at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1935
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In its spacious pavilion on the Avenue du Football, the Agence Dechenne exhibited the books, publications and newspapers transported and sold in Belgium through its intermediary.

The Agence Dechenne pavilion, a veritable synthesis of printed information, enabled hundreds of publishers of all nationalities to make their productions better known to the public by exhibiting, displaying and selling their editions, wall and light advertising and distributing free issues.

For the visitors of this pavilion, a vast statistical panel concretised in a happy form the activity of the exhibiting firm.

The Dechenne Agency was also responsible for the sale of books, publications and newspapers within the Exhibition grounds.

For this purpose, it had a modern automobile and motorbike distribution service supplying its pavilion, four shops, a kiosk and six salesmen with mobile carts.

This organisation, with the help of sixty employees and specialised salesmen, enabled it to put on sale, as soon as they were published, a thousand different publications and newspapers, some of which had several editions per day, and thus to contribute to the dissemination of the press.

Visitors to the Exhibition greatly appreciated this public service.
It should also be noted that the dealers of the Exhibition Guide, the Guide to Old Brussels, the Exhibition Bulletin and the postcards used the specialised services of the Dechenne Agency to ensure the sale of these official editions.

© Le Livre d'Or de l'Exposition Universelle de Bruxelles 1935