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Persil at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1935
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Since ancient times, the world has understood the need to regularly refresh body and household linen. In the past centuries, however, this cleaning was still done in a primitive way; in the absence of good ingredients, treatment by the hands, or even by the feet, occupied the main place. Little by little, people in various countries learned to make soap, and in particular in our regions, no doubt stimulated by the taste for cleanliness of our Belgian housewives, soap factories quickly took on a certain size.

However, it was not until the beginning of this century that a formula based on the latest scientific data made it possible to manufacture a complete washing product which, in a few years, would profoundly change the methods used until then. Persil, now known and used throughout the world, has the merit of having been the first product "that washes by itself". Since its invention, the number of its admirers has grown steadily and if there is one product that is unanimously praised today, it is certainly Persil, a quality product that is unrivalled in any laundry.

By its grandiose participation in the Brussels Universal Exhibition, the Société Anonyme Persil de Bruxelles has shown what a place it occupies in our national economy and it is with real satisfaction that its innumerable followers will have learned that the Jury awarded it the "Grand Prix" in the "Soap" class and the "Diplôme d'Honneur" in the "Hygiene" class, in order to underline in a brilliant way Persil's constant efforts in the field of family and social hygiene.

Indeed, it cannot be ignored that Persil not only washes and bleaches clothes, but also disinfects them completely during the cooking process, an invaluable quality in our modern life, where it is important to guard against all kinds of diseases that threaten us every day. The beautiful windows of the Persil Pavilion contained the most varied fabrics "washed with Persil", ranging from simple white cotton to the most sumptuous silks. Can one imagine a more striking proof of Persil's effectiveness and harmlessness?

There is no doubt that the hundreds of thousands of visitors will have the best memories of the Persil Pavilion where all the Company's products were on display.

Next to Persil, Henco, the special soda for soaking laundry, was on display, with an ingenious machine showing its surprising qualities for softening hard water. Further on, suggestive displays showed the cleaning power of Ata scouring powder and the special Imi degreasing product, so appreciated for dishwashing. All these products simplify domestic chores and increase the well-being and happiness of the family and society.

Before leaving this temple of cleanliness, the visitors were pleased to admire the model of the Persil factories in Herent-lez-Louvain, where these universally renowned products are manufactured and which deserve to have the motto :

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