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Malmédy - Expo Brussels 1935

Malmédy at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1935

A special place should be reserved for the Malmedy Pavilion. The Walloon city was keen to participate in the Exhibition. Its pavilion, which reproduced an old Ardennes house, was built on the initiative of the Malmedy Circle of Brussels. It was inaugurated on 27 April, in the presence of the Count of Lichtervelde, Head of the Cabinet of the Minister of the Interior; General Baltia; Mr. Winandy, Mr. Sandront, Mr. Somerhausen and many other personalities.

Speeches affirming Malmedy's loyalty to the recovered Motherland were given by Messrs Abinet and Binot, in the name of the Malmedy Circle of Brussels; by Mr Kluckers, alderman of the City; and by Mr Pirard, Governor of the Province of Liège who, after having congratulated the promoters of this achievement, proposed, amidst the acclamations, the sending of a telegram of respectful attachment to the Royal Family.

A Brabançonne followed by the "Chant des Wallons" closed the ceremony.

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