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Ministry of Press and Propaganda - Expo Brussels 1935

Ministry of Press and Propaganda at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1935

By participating in the Brussels Exhibition in a separate pavilion, the Directorate General of Tourism wanted to offer visitors a synthetic view of Italy's tourist charms.

Such an event had to have an advertising basis; the architecture and decoration were oriented in this direction. But a modern spirit of art animated the whole composition: the treasures of beauty that Italy possesses were highlighted with statistical data and various information, according to new orientations, in order to give a complete vision of the country.

The Pavilion represented Italy, the land of sun, flowers and art, a nation with a thousand-year-old civilisation. Both inside and outside the pavilion, a feast of colours and light transparencies transported visitors into the Italian climate. Flags, emblems, beautiful photographs, curious photomontages arranged around a flowery rectangle made this Tourism Pavilion the most suggestive invitation to travel.

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