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Austrian Village - Expo Paris 1867

Austrian Village at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1867

By an ideal diagonal through the palace, we pass to the Austrian village, which Mr. Ciceri's drawing shows us, and which is in the centre of the German quarter. - How well this gives us an idea of the somewhat mollified existence that one leads in the vicinity of Vienna!

In the centre, a large brewery whose beer is renowned throughout the world, with its refreshment stands and buffets where edibles are piled up.

Seven pavilions, representing the local architecture of the seven provinces of the Empire, seem to be waltzing happily around the central establishment. This is indeed the region of musicals and jugs under the vine! for there are also refreshment stands in the pavilions. This village, which could be taken as a summary of the entire Austrian monarchy, can only be inhabited by good people, who love music, waltzing, bombast, which maintains good humour even at the sound of the Sadowa canon. Happy country that sows hope on the ruins of defeat! With hope, a country always finds its destiny!

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