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The garden of Her Highness is situated on the right as you enter by the Pont d'Iéna. It is immediately noticeable by the novelty of its buildings, by their attractive colours and by their character, which, even from a great distance, stands out with a very great appearance. It is composed of four unrelated buildings, linked by a beautiful, gently curving flowerbed, elegantly furnished with shrubs and flowers. Each of these constructions is studied with extreme care. They faithfully represent the real monuments which served as their model, the period, the architecture, and the physiognomy of the dwellings of which they are the most remarkable specimens.

A rich pavilion in the modern taste recalls the most beautiful period of the Arab architecture of the Caliphs.

An ancient temple, preceded by a triumphal gate and an alley of granite Sphinxes.

An Okala or large modern house of the wealthy inhabitants, merchants or industrialists of the cities of upper and middle Egypt.

Finally, a modest Egyptian house containing the accommodation of the service people, a kitchen and stables, used in the common areas of the large Egyptian houses.

Four buildings that introduce us to all that is most interesting about the country: antiquity, modern luxury, the habits of the wealthy class and the accommodation of the servants. It can be said that the whole of Egypt has been brought before our eyes, thanks to the royal thought that ordered these works. The pavilion of the Suez Isthmus, docked to these installations, completes with dignity one of the most interesting parts of our splendid Universal Exhibition.

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